Bringing Specialty Coffee to China

… it all began in San Diego, California…

specialty coffee chemex  Jim Ocean Grounds China

San Diego is the hometown of Jim Lee, the man behind Ocean Grounds Coffee. After growing up in California, Jim followed his Chinese family roots and worked in China for 3 years.

When Jim returned to San Diego in 2008, he discovered a local roasting and retail coffeehouse called Java Jones. Being passionate about coffee, Jim invested in Java Jones and honed his skills and knowledge about specialty coffee.

In 2009, he took it a step further. He created Ocean Grounds Coffee and in 2011 brought his specialty coffee concept to China, where he had experienced a big gap for serious coffee lovers. Jim saw a great opportunity for specialty coffee in China and the artisan approach in roasting as well as for handcrafted coffees.

Ocean Grounds is pioneering a holistic coffee experience in Asia by sourcing organic specialty green coffee beans and by cultivating awareness and appreciation of artisan roasting and brewing in China.

“I started OG to show that coffee is much more than a beverage, it’s a way of life”

Jim is a licensed Q Grader, certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Ocean Grounds mission is to create a farm-to-cup experience in Asia, support direct trade in the coffee industry, and celebrate and create positive social change through business.
Where our coffee comes from
coffee region Panama
Jim harvesting Gesha coffee
coffee plant
Specialty coffee begins at origin which includes building relationships with producers at the source and securing Direct Trade relationships that support both high quality coffee and a living wage for the grower. Our business relationships in each coffee market will tell these unique stories as we support growers building the necessary infrastructure in their coffee community.