Single Origin Coffee

... starts with high quality beans.

We source our beans from a handful of growers with whom we built intimate and Fair Trade relationships.

Our coffee beans change with the seasons to ensure the best and freshest coffee.

Our beans

  • Brazil, Santos

    Flavor: Cacao, nutty, mild sweetness, medium body, low acidity

    Process: Washed and sundried

  • Guatemala, Antigua SHB

    Flavor: Dark chocolate, lemon, nutmeg, full body, medium acidity

    Process: Washed

  • Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe G1

    Flavor: Citrus, almond, cocoa, light body high acidity

    Process: Washed

Roasted to perfection

The highest quality green coffee beans are shipped to our Roastery in China, where we roast them to their greatest potential and brew them expertly for our customers in China.

You can enjoy our coffees at the OG coffeeshop or buy the beans and more to enjoy at home.

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